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Unlike most fragile toys, mechanical devices, bulk chemicals, or power tools, this ‘perspective website’ does not come with any instructions. You enter at your own risk. Within, you may actually learn something, be provoked to deep thought, have a feather ruffled, or simply be entertained for a bit. You never know …

There is no attempt to mollify opinion or perspectives to assuage ignorance or recalcitrant intelligence in any form whatsoever.
It simply is one person’s compendium of thoughts, musings, observances, and opinions. In any event, you are likely to grow somehow, and if you find consensus with some of the things presented, so much the better! As with all in Life, you should take it all in with a grain of salt, and hopefully The Choice Perspective herein will simply spice things up a bit!

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A Compendium of Cogence