It’s no secret. Bay Area Tech companies are doling out big bucks to new hires, the majority of which do not even work full time throughout the year. Spurred by the employee scheduling limitations of ObamaCare, part time employment is a growing trend despite the initial reluctance of aspiring applicants that are myopically looking for full-time salary.

Across the board, employees are taking in high salaries, but one group in particular within Tech is making almost unbelievable amounts of money: intern coders.

For whatever reason, younger interns in Tech don’t work the full year (even if they have graduated), but on that kind of cash income, they’d be rolling in close to $150,000 per year, not including any kind of housing stipend. A recent employment offer from Jane Street (a tech trading firm) was the equivalent to roughly $125k a year.

The hottest movement can be seen in firms that fill positions, such as recruiters and Professional Employee Organizations, and many of these admit to finding a shortage of qualified coders, prompting a new employee segment – the “shared position” employee, where a single person holds a similarly structured position in more than one firm. This poses a new issue, one of propriety of coding, but it looks as if this is being dealt with easily enough by the PEO’s for many of the main Tech employers to embrace shared coders wholeheartedly.

For the single-position “re-entry” or intern coder working part-time, even $50-75,000 a year isn’t really all that much when it comes to San Francisco’s completely unaffordable housing market. Yet for the coder taking BART into the city, it may be the best thing ever. Especially if they are able to “double-up” positions or negotiate for a full-time or permanent position based on the merits of their work. And with the growing surge in PEO’s in the California employment landscape, there is a real opportunity for the aspiring techie – of any proficiency – to haul in big bucks on an easy 35-40 hour week working multiple positions.


Coding is the new DotCom industry, and the money pouring into it is seemingly endless. Granted, our technological future depends on coding and new generations of coders, but not enough have the background or apparent willingness to commit to coding as a viable career.

There are a number of options to make the move to becoming a coder as a solid way to shift back into the employment market for those that missed learning in school.

There are more than a dozen excellent online courses you can enroll in that will give you the exact preparation for a well-paying coding career in as little as 6 weeks. For the local learner, there are a number of highly effective and conveniently scheduled Coding Schools in the Bay Area that will give you the skills you need to bring in the big bucks in as little as 8 weeks. Some even boast a specialty focus, such as classes structured for those over 40 with only average computer skills, or even an all-woman class taught by professionally experienced women. Others offer different types of coding (Games, Apps, platform, etc.), from the basics to advanced, making it easy to project a specialty that will pay off immediately.

With the availability of superior quality education via multiple channels and the rise of PEO’s and independently secured “shared position” employment opportunities, you too, can expect to join the Tech boom in an average of 3 months. It may indeed, be the effort that pays off big for you.

Intern or Part-Timer, the opportunities are out there, and offer rich rewards for those who seek them out.