Many Believe An Awesome LinkedIn Summary To Be Essential To Your Success
Many Believe An Awesome LinkedIn Summary To Be Essential To Your Success
In the age of social media, the key to a new job often is a stellar LinkedIn profile. And the key to a stellar LinkedIn profile is a well-written LinkedIn summary, according to Forbes contributor William Arruda.

“Your bio is the most powerful personal branding tool you have. And in the digital world, the most important version of your bio is your LinkedIn summary,” Arruda suggests. “This will likely be read by more people than any other form of your bio. This added exposure gives you a great opportunity to capture the attention of decision-makers — but only if you have summary that shines.”

To make sure that you do, think of your summary in terms of the following “buckets,” which you should fill to the brim, according to Arruda: your most important accomplishments; your values and passions; the things you do better than anyone else;
facts, figures, and stats; the things that make you stand out from your peers; and testimonials from others.

I would like to assert the fundamental that it is essential that everything you present is completely honest and transparently verifiable (it goes without saying how clever people have become discovering everything about everyone, online and otherwise).

“Close with a call to action,” Arruda concludes. “Tell your audience what you want them to do or where they can go to get more information.”

Of course, Arruda fails to remind that this requires that you have also prepared a likewise awesome website or digital delivery method, and are prepared to fulfill everything you’ve boasted about. For some, this is a gargantuan task possibly representing a sizable expenditure to make sure the IT end of things falls in line, and for others, it may only be a simple item to regularly update, Whichever, it cannot be fudged or overlooked, for it will not go unnoticed by anyone else.