sky high2To create momentum in your venture, it’s best to unite employees effectively, and one of the soundest ways to dynamically integrate acceptance around an idea, project, or even your leadership is by creating the Team mindset.

There’s a reason that so many companies engage their workforce in teambuilding exercises. That reason isn’t warm fuzzies, but rather ROI: According to the management consultancy New Directions Consulting — publisher of “The Team-Building FAQ Guide” — teams provide a 34 percent higher return on assets than individual and a 26 percent higher return on investment. Further, a team-based organization will use 34 percent fewer labor hours to accomplish its work and will experience less turnover and more employee engagement.

The case for teams, then, is strong. The question remains, however: What’s the best way to build one?

Try creating a “culture committee,” suggests contributor Scott Gerber, founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invitation-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs.

“We have a committee of about eight employees from different departments that plan regular events for our whole office,” Gerber says. “We’ve given them a generous budget, and they plan monthly birthday parties, special food treats (green shakes for a St. Paddy’s Day), happy hours and more. Since they are employees, they also have a great pulse on what other employees would enjoy. Members rotate quarterly.”

Or, there’s always beer. “We have a kegerator in our kitchen,” Gerber concludes. “Besides the fact that this encourages a social environment, most conflicts are easily resolved over a beer and an honest conversation.”

It really is as simple as that, and it all comes down to having your commitment to positive progress and proper methodologies.

(Thanks to Matt Alderton for the inspiration for this Tip)